2015-2017 Joint Activities

“Working towards the 21st century power grid: World’s largest power grid operators are organized in 5 Committees to share common challenges”

From 2015 to 2017, GO15 joint activities were organized into five Committees that addressed the operational, technological, communication and financial aspects of the power grids. A fifth Committee created for Communication ensured the work of the technical Committees was in alignment with the external communication and GO15 messaging.

The role of the GO15 Committees was to address the critical society needs and to recommend to the member top executives how the future power grids should be structured and operated to enable the large scale integration of renewable generation and alternate sources of fuels. These Committees relied each on Task Forces composed of subject matters experts from the contributing members. Committees were under the responsibility of one or several co-chairs, who develop the roadmap and work plans, and coordinate the Committee activities through regular face-to-face meetings. The Task Forces focused on specific annual deliverables, and were created or disbanded as needed. In addition, the Committees played a key role in the exchange of information with the various international organizations through workshops, conferences and technical contributions.

From 2015 to 2017, GO15 deliverables cover at a high level a large scale of the Grid Operators issues:

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