GO15 Joint Activities

GO15 Joint Activities

The main goal of the GO15 Joint activities is to develop findings and recommendations on strategic issues facing global grid operators selected by the Steering Board (“What keeps CEOs awake at night?”).

Strategic Working Groups explore these issues throughout the year and provide the GO15 Steering Board with high level analyzes, findings and recommendations at the Annual Meeting. Each Strategic Working Group is made up of a volunteer network of experts from each member company and work closely with other organizations.

2018-2020 Strategic Themes

Three multi-year themes (2018 – 2020) have been identified as GO15 members main concerns:

Reliability and Resiliency

  • Climate Change: surviving natural disasters, impact on hydro flows
  • Cybersecurity
  • Grid reliability services

Integration of Renewable Generation and Distributed Energy Resources (DER)

  • DER Operation/Management (Visibility and control, forecast, fast ramping)
  • TSO/DSO interactions
  • Advanced Technologies

New Business Models

  • Economic sustainability of the grid operators and grid services providers
  • Market design and Incentives
  • Dialog with the Regulators (ICER)
  • Messaging to the Policy Makers

Specific annual topics (under one theme or related to different themes) are selected by the Steering Board for the creation of the Strategic Working Groups.

2019 Strategic Working Groups


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