6th WFER in Istanbul – ICER-GO15 workshop “Meeting the Flexibility Challenge in Electricity Networks” 27th May 2015

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On the occasion of the 6th World Forum on Energy Regulation in Istanbul (24-28 May 2015), energy regulators and main grid operators held a joint workshop on “Meeting the Flexibility Challenge in Electricity Networks”. Important questions on increasing the flexibility of electricity systems result from the large scale integration of renewable generation which is occurring worldwide.

During the event, four international speakers presented complementary approaches they have developed in this area:

  • “Flexible response and the role of the demand side” (CRE) available here.

  • “Regulatory incentives as a tool to guide TSOse” (OFGEM) available here.

  • “Cross-­‐border balancing, how to share flexibility sources in the shortest time frame (frequency control reserves) between interconnected countries?” (AEMO) available here.

  • “Renewable curtailment as a flexibility tool” (ESKOM) available here.

  • These four presentations, and the ensuing discussions, illustrated clearly that flexibility (an essential concept for offsetting intermittency) covers various complex realities, the careful balance of which is not yet achieved. Hence, the discussions led to the conclusion that it is appropriate to deepen the concept of flexibility and to adapt the regulatory framework (and market design) in order to promote flexibility services as well as assessing their economic valuation.

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