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AEMO (Australia)
CSG (China)
ELIA GROUP (Belgium)
GCCIA (Saudi Arabia)
KPX (Korea)
ONS (Brazil)
PJM Interconnection (USA)
REE (Spain)
RTE (France)
SGCC State Grid Corporation of China (China)
SO UPS (Russia)
TEPCO (Japan)
TERNA (Italy)


USA, California ISO

Power Grid Main Characteristics

The California Independent System Operator (ISO) manages the flow of electricity across the high-voltage, long-distance power lines for most of California and a small part of Nevada. The nonprofit corporation is actively leading the transition to a clean energy future, balancing the power grid during intense industry transformation and building partnerships throughout the West to better manage renewable resources.

As the only independent grid operator in the western U.S., the ISO gives fair access to 26,000 circuit miles of power lines through its competitive wholesale power market. The lines serve more than 30 million customers. Every 15 minutes, the ISO forecasts electrical demand, accounts for operating reserves and dispatches the lowest cost power every five minutes.

The ISO opened its two control centers in 1998 following a massive state overhaul of its bulk electricity industry. Utilities own transmission assets, and the ISO operates the high-voltage lines, including managing the transmission systems and regional generation.

As the nerve center for the western power grid, the ISO matches buyers and sellers of electricity, coordinating about 28,000 market transactions every day

Company structure

To come.

Asset ownership CAISO does not own any infrastructure assets.
Shareholder structure

To come.

Listed on To come.
Customers served

To come.

Area covered

To come.

Load served

To come

Peak load

To come

Total generation connected To Come
Transmission lines and cables To come
Employees To come

To come.

Website http://www.caiso.com/


AEMO (Australia)

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) was established on 1 July 2009. AEMO is an independent organisation responsible for operating eastern and south-eastern Australia’s energy markets and systems, with an ownership structure comprising 60% Commonwealth and state government members and 40% industry members.

AEMO’s vision is to be pivotal to markets that secure Australia’s energy needs, and our mission is to plan, develop and operate markets that are responsive to energy sector needs and support long-term investment in Australia.

AEMO plays an important role in supporting the energy industry to deliver a more integrated, secure, and cost-effective national energy supply, by drawing together under a single operational framework the responsibility for electricity and gas market functions, National Electricity Market (NEM) system operations, the management of Victoria’s gas transmission network and ongoing, long-term market development and system planning.

Company structure

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) has the core functions of NEM power system and market operator, gas markets operator, national transmission planner, transmission services, and energy market development.

Asset ownership AEMO does not own any infrastructure assets.
Shareholder structure

AEMO’s membership structure is split between government (60%) and industry (40%).

Listed on TAEMO was established on 1 July 2009.
Customers served

Total number of individuals in NEM regions: 19 million.

Area covered

3,810, 589 km2 (comprising Queensland (1,730,648 km2), New South Wales (800,642 km2), Victoria (227,416 km2), South Australia (983,482 km2), and Tasmania (68,401 km2)).

Load served

188,898 GWh (Actual for 2012-13, source: 2013 Electricity Statement of Opportunities)

Peak load

36, 769 MW (Peak load for the NEM, comprising Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania, 1 July 2012-30 June 2013)

Total generation connected T50,032 MW
Transmission lines and cables 44,393 km
Employees 501 employees (at August 2013)

Mr Matt Zema, Managing Director and Chief Executive OfficerPrior to his current position, Mr Zema was Chief Executive Officer of the Victorian Energy Networks Corporation (VENCorp), responsible for operating the principal transmission system for gas in Victoria and for the planning, procurement and augmentation of the Victorian electricity transmission network. Before joining VENCorp in 1999, Mr Zema worked in general management roles with PowerNet Victoria, GPU PowerNet and GPU International. Mr Zema is also currently a Director of ANC-Cigre and the Melbourne Dental Clinic. Mr Zema’s experience in strategic planning, asset management, corporate governance and financial management has been gained in public and private sector executive management roles.

Website http://www.aemo.com.au/


CSG (China)

China Southern Power Grid Co. Ltd (hereinafter referred to as CSG) was established on Dec. 29th, 2002 after the power sector de-regulatory reform in China. CSG invests, constructs and operates power networks in Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou and Hainan provinces and regions. The service area of CSG is up to 1 million square kilometres, with a population of 230 million. CSG was ranked the 134th in the Fortune Global 500 in 2013.

Company structure utility to supply electric power Asset ownership owns transmission assets Shareholder structure government owned Listed on None Customers served over 230 million Area covered c. 1 000 000 km2 Load served 744 billion kWh Peak load 128 GW Total generation connected 208 GW Transmission lines and cables 105 900 km (220 kV and above) Employees 312 000 CEO Mr. Zhao Jianguo, President & CEO


ELIA GROUP (Belgium)

The Elia Group is structured around its two transmission system operators (TSOs): Elia Transmission and 50Hertz Transmission. Elia Transmission is the Belgian transmission system operator. 50Hertz Transmission, held jointly by Elia (60%) and Industry Funds Management (40%), is one of the four German transmission system operators and is active in the north-east of Germany. The role of the transmission system operators is focused in three main areas:1. infrastructure management and grid development; 2. system operation; 3. market facilitation.

Company structure fully unbundled transmission system operator
Asset ownership owns transmission assets
Shareholder structure major shareholder isPubli-T, municipal holding company – 2.53%; free float – 52.10%
Listed on TAEMO was established on 1 July 2009.
Customers served over 30 mln
Area covered c. 143 000 km2
Load served 181 TWh
Peak load 29 GW
Total generation connected 29,600 MW including 2,253 MW of RES generation
Transmission lines and cables 18,231 km (30-180 kV)
Employees c. 1900
CEO Jacques Vandermeiren, Chief Executive Officer – see bio (link)
Website http://www.elia.be/

See Elia Group 2012 Annual Report



Eskom Holdings SOC Limited is a state owned company that generates 95% of the electricity used in South Africa and approximately 45% of electricity in Africa. Eskom generates, transmits and distributes electricity to industrial, mining, commercial, agricultural and residential customers and redistributors. While most of Eskom’s business is within South Africa, the company also buys and sells electricity in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region. The company generates electricity predominantly from coal but also owns and operates gas, hydroand nuclear power stations and is diversifying its generation mix with wind and solar.

Additional power stations and major power lines are being built to meet rising electricity demand in South Africa. Eskom also drives large scale mass roll-outs of energy efficiency demand management programs, which focus on identifying and promoting more efficient ways to use electricity.

Company structure A vertically integrated structure, with core business of generation, transmission, distribution and customer services. The System Operator operates within the transmission business.
Asset ownership Transmission, distribution and generation assets
Shareholder structure Wholly owned by the government of the Republic of South Africa
Listed on N/A- State owned Enterprise
Customers served 52 million
Area covered 122 103 759 km
Load served 242 TWh.
Peak load 36345MW
Total generation connected 44 206 installed capacity 41 919 nominal capacity
Transmission lines and cables Tx and DX lines -373 289km
Employees 46266 (Group)
CEO Brian Dames
Website http://www.eskom.co.za/live/index.php


GCCIA (Saudi Arabia)


KPX (Korea)

KPX was founded as a non-profit public organization on April 2, 2001. In order to improve the efficiency of the electric power industry, the power generation sector of the Korea Electric power Corporation (KEPCO) was separated into 6 companies in April 1, 2001. Since that time, KPX has managed South Korea’s power gird and market.

Especially, by maintaining the adequate reserve capacity of more than 4 million kW for the period when peak demand occurs, KPX supplies power on a stable basis. It retains the world highest rate of voltage (99.99%) and frequency maintenance (99.98%) and a shorter blackout time than those in the Europe or America, and the world lowest transmission and distribution loss rates (4.00%), securing the world’s best power quality.

Company structure Independent System Operator
Asset ownership No ownership
Shareholder structure Government-owned
Listed on Non-profit organization
Customers served Over 51 million
Area covered 99,720 ㎢
Load served 467 million kWh
Peak load 77,295MW
Total Capacity 86,776MW
Total generation connected 86,136MW
Transmission lines and cables 31,622km
Employees 309
CEO Ho-Ki Nam, CEO & Chairman



ONS – Operador Nacional do Sistema Elétrico – is a private non-profit organization, responsible for the operation of the generation plants and the transmission grid. Without having the ownership of any asset in the system, ONS takes decisions aiming at a reliable power supply, at minimum cost.

Company structure Private non-profit organization
Asset ownership Owns no assets
Shareholder structure All G, T, D utilities and free consumers are associate members
Listed on Not listed
Customers served 199 mln
Area covered Over 8 million km2
Load served 541 TWh
Peak load 85,7 GW
Total generation connected 122,100 MW
Transmission lines and cables 125,600 km (230 kV and above)
Employees c. 750
CEO Hermes Chipp, General Director – see bio
Website http://www.ons.org.br

See ONS Annual Report  



POWER GRID CORPORATION OF INDIA LIMITED (POWERGRID), the Central Transmission Utility (CTU) of the country under Ministry of Power is one amongst the largest Power Transmission utilities in the world. POWERGRID is playing a vital role in the growth of Indian power sector by developing a robust Integrated National Grid and associating in the flagship programme of Govt. of India to provide Power for all. Innovations in Technical & Managerial fields have resulted in coordinated development of power transmission network and effective operation and management of Regional and National Grid. Company owns and operates about 1,01,886 ckt kms of transmission lines at 800/765kV, 400kV, 220kV & 132kV EHVAC & +500kV HVDC levels and 170 sub-stations.

POWERGRID manages Grid Operation in India through its 100% wholly owned subsidiary Power System Operation Corporation Limited (POSOCO), which operates the National and five Regional Load Despatch Centers.

Company structure Transmission System Operator
Asset ownership Owns inter-state transmission assets
Shareholder structure Public Sector Enterprise (69.42 % Government of India Owned, 30.58 % public)
Listed on National Stock Exchange (NSE, India), Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE, India)
Customers served 1.24 Billion
Area covered 3.30 Million km2
Load served 442 Billion kWh (2012-13)
Peak load 123,294 MW (2012-13)
Total generation connected 225,793 MW (July – 2013)
Transmission lines and cables 101,886 ckt kms (inter-state transmission system)
Employees 9421 (September – 2013)
Chairman & Managing R.N. Nayak
Director (PGCIL)
CEO (POSOCO) S.K. Soonee
Website (PGCIL) www.powergridindia.com
Website (POSOCO) www.posoco.in


PJM Interconnection (USA)

Company structure Regional Transmission Organization
Asset ownership None
Shareholder structure N/A
Listed on Not listed
Customers served 60 million
Area covered 214,000 square miles (554,257.456 km2)
Load served 832,331 GWh (832 TWh)
Peak load 163,848 MW (164 GW)
Total generation connected 185,600 MW
Transmission lines and cables 59,750 miles (96,158 km)
Employees c. 670
CEO  W. Terry Boston
Website http://www.pjm.com/


RTE (France)

RTE is the French electricity transmission system operator. A public service company, its mission is to operate, maintain and develop the high- and extra-high voltage network. It guarantees the reliability and proper operation of the power network.

RTE transports electricity between electricity suppliers (French and European) and consumers, whether they are electricity distributors (ERDF and the local distribution companies) or industrial sites directly connected to the transmission system.

With 100,000 km of lines between 63,000 and 400,000 volts and 46 cross-border lines, the network operated by RTE is the biggest in Europe. In 2012, RTE posted turnover of €4,529 million and currently employs some 8,400 staff.

Company structure national transmission system operator
Asset ownership  owns transmission infrastructures and assets
Shareholder structure  Independant subsidiary of EDF
Listed on  none
Customers served  65 million people
Area covered 552 000 km2
Load served  489 TWh
Peak load  102,1 GW
Total generation connected  128,6 GW
Transmission lines and cables  186 892 km
Employees  8400
CEO  Mr. Dominique Maillard
Website (Institutional) http://www.rte-france.com
Website (Customer’s Portal) http://clients.rte-france.com


SGCC State Grid Corporation of China (China)

SGCC was established on December 29th, 2002. It is a government-owned enterprise approved by the State Council to conduct government authorized investment activities. SGCC was ranked the 7th in the Fortune Global 500 in 2013, and is the largest utility in the world.

The mission of the company is to provide safe, economical, clean and sustainable electric power for social and economic development. The company’s core businesses are the construction and operation of power network that covers 26 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.

Its service area represents 88% of the national territory, supported by more than 1,860,000 employees to serve a population of over one billion.

Company structure utility to supply electric power
Asset ownership  owns transmission assets
Shareholder structure  government-owned
Listed on  Eurolist by Euronext since June 2005
Customers served  Ove1.1billion
Area covered  c. 8 600 000 km2
Load served  4287 billion kWh
Peak load  654 GW
Total generation connected  1022 GW
Transmission lines and cables  713 000 km (220 kV and above)
Total capacity of transformers 2.81 billion kVA
Employees  1 860 000
Executive Members Chairman:  Mr. Liu Zhenya, PresidentCEO: Mr. Shu Yinbiaohttp://www.sgcc.com.cn/ywlm/aboutus/members.shtml
Website www.sgcc.com.cn


TERNA (Italy)

Terna is the owner of the Italian electricity transmission grid and holds the government licence to transmit and manage electrical power flows (dispatching). Through its subsidiary, Terna Rete Italia, It manages the nationwide transmission of electricity, assuring safety and quality of the public service while controlling operational costs. Through Terna Plus, the Group develops non-regulated activities and new business opportunities both in Italy and abroad. With 63.900 Km of HV lines Terna is an Europe’s leading independent operator in terms of kilometres of electricity lines managed.

Company structure National transmission system operator
Asset ownership Owns transmission assets: 63,900 km of HV lines; 491 transformer stations; 21 foreing interconnection lines and 3 interconnection lines (with Austria, France, Montenegro) under construction
Shareholder structure Major shareholder is CDP Reti SPA (29,85%). Institutional investors (49%) and retail (21%). With over 40% of its share capital held by foreign funds, Terna is one of the most appealing Italian companies for international investors
Listed on Terna is one of the leading publicly-traded industrial companies on the FTSE-MIB index, listed on the Italian stock exchange since 2004
Customers served -
Area covered -
Load served Every year Terna manages around 320 billion kWh worth of electricity flows (in 2014 :310,5 billion kWh)
Peak load 56,883 MW (07/07/2015)
Total generation connected As for installed power, in 2013 the net efficient power generation in Italy reached 121,762 MW
Transmission lines and cables 63,900 km
Employees 3,797
CEO Matteo Del Fante
Website http://www.terna.it/

See Terna 2014 Interactive Reports



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