GO15 Structure

President heads the Steering Board and is elected annually by the Steering Board.

Steering Board (SB) governs GO15 and is represented by top level executives of the participating PGOs. Steering Board identifies major work topics for the coming year and meets once a year at the GO15 Annual Meeting.

Governing Board (GB) coordinates GO15 Joint Activities (JA) during the year and holds at least 2 meetings a year. GB identifies current challenges common to all the GO15 members, prepares consolidated proposals for new work topics and monitors JA progress.

Secretariat is headed by Secretary General. It coordinates and supports Joint Activities and events as per guidance from the SB, the GB and the president.

Committees , through innovative thinking, technology advancement, and industry leadership, are charged to address society needs, helping the CEOs to exchange ideas and strategies about our changing power systems, as well as the main issues facing each member company, which can vary drastically (i.e. decreasing demand, rapidly increasing demand, rural electrification, unprecedented fuel switching, high renewable penetration, etc.).

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