Committee 4: Grid Intelligence

“Support the efficient deployment of Smart Grid Operation Solutions”

The transition towards “Smart Grids” around the world heavily relies on the development of new IT solutions and communication technologies that affect every grid operator and market participant. A cost effective deployment of such solutions requires a high level of standardization and interoperability. GO15 Members observe many overlapping and often conflicting standardization initiatives around the world.
Committee 4 objective is to support the efficient deployment of Smart Grid Operation Solutions.

Experience exchange on the applicability of different new IT technologies for the system operator, as well as comparison of strategies, used by different system operators is extremely useful to ensure a balanced development of IT technologies for each GO15 member.

After several decade developments, the grid control centers have had some smart functions already. The goal of GO15 Committee #4 is to analyze what are the major features and new functions of smart control center needed.

GO15 committees raise some new functional requirements for system operation and control as well as for market operation. These requirements are inputs for committee #4 to explore their implementation in the IT technology.

Power systems sophistication, integration of renewables, promotion of Smart Grid creates challenges for SCADA/EMS systems and the power system control automation. The necessity arises to make analysis of Grid Operator practices in terms of application of the latest solutions in the sphere of information technology and their standardization.

Committee 4 is also investigating cyber security. The key point is to guarantee the safety of all control functions or devices, such as SCADA, AGC, AVC, protection relay, system protection schema (SPS) etc.

Committee 4 works actively with other organizations like ISGAN, CIGRE or IEC.

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