Committee 5: Communication

“Develop a comprehensive communication platform to promote its messaging both within its members and within the industry”

Through their regular exchanges, the GO15 members recognized they had many challenges in common, and that the development of a common communication platform would be helpful to support their dialog with the government, the regulators and the media. Moreover, the power grid operators have a key role to play to enable the transition to the new energy mix, while ensuring reliability, security and resiliency of the power systems in a rapidly changing environment, including new consumption patterns and both natural and man-made threats to the grid infrastructure. Therefore a key goal of the GO15 members is to become a major interlocutor in the global energy debate. The role of the Committee 5 is to develop a comprehensive communication platform to promote its messaging both within its members and within the industry.

Committee 5 addresses 3 major areas:

1- External Communication: the goal is to arrive together with the major stakeholders in the power industry, such as governments, regulators, generators, distributors and market operators, to solutions that address the current and future Society needs, such as:

  • Increase in electricity consumption and massive integration of distributed energy resources in the power grid, including intermittent renewable generation
  • Changes in consumer patterns in response to local demand-side management programs
  • Shift in location of generation, often far from the load centers
  • Electrical vehicles integration
  • Resilience of the power system, face to increasing man-made or natural threats to the grid infrastructure

To achieve such goal, Committee 5 has launched several initiatives to exchange information with several major international organizations, such as the World Energy Council (WEC) and its Global Energy Initiative (GEI), the International Confederation of Energy Regulators (ICER), the Association of Power Exchanges (APEX), the Energy Charter (EC), the International Energy Agency (IEA), and the European Distribution System Operators (EDSO). This is accomplished primarily through workshops, conferences and joint meetings.

The primary tools for external communication include an ‘Annual Review’, downloadable from this Web Site, and the Web Site itself (Currently under renovation). Also, starting in 2014, GO15 is holding a one-day Annual Conference, where senior industry executives can interact on the key topics.

2- Internal Communication: the goal of this activity is to disseminate and promote the work products of the Committees among the member organizations. To-date, the various GO15 working groups and task forces (Now regrouped into the 5 Committees), have produced an extensive library which includes over 75 internal reports and brochures covering a wide variety of topics, including but not limited to:

  • New technologies, such as synchrophasors, hybrid AC/DC power grids and visualization
  • Integration of renewable energy sources
  • Storage
  • Flexibility of Demand
  • Standardization of IT and Communication Systems requirements
  • Early detection and mitigation of cascading events
  • Cost of reliability
  • Etc…

Starting in 2015, the results are synthesized in an Activity Report which provides a guide to the detailed work product. The Activity Report is complemented by Monthly Newsletters and Updates.

3- Mutual assistance: this initiative was started following the disastrous earthquake and tsunami that impacted Japan and one of our key members. The goal is to provide members with a framework for Mutual Assistance in case of disaster, which includes pre-agreed terms and conditions for providing assistance, a library of reference events, and a mapping guide to specific member expertise.

A compagnion initiative includes the formation of a Crisis Communication Network (CCN) that provides the members with a Code of Conduct and a Communication Network, which can be leveraged by the members if a catastrophic event is affecting one or several of them

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