Committee 1: Grid For Flexible Resources

“Helping facilitate the transition to more secure and flexible power grids around the world”

In the evolving electric power system model, more flexible supply resources will be needed to compensate for the variability of renewable energy systems (RES) while still serving load reliably. However, while supply resources have always been used to meet demand, demand-side resources will now play a role supplying flexibility by being matched to the variability of RES. More flexible demand side resources also have the ability to provide operating reserves or ancillary services, which provides further use as a tool for RES integration.

Although most GO15 members are already experiencing the evolution described above, the pace of change will certainly differ between regions. However, the key role of electric grids in the transition to a more secure, sustainable and affordable power system is undisputed. Power grids are the key component of the power system that transfer electricity from the generators to the load centers, often over long distances. By connecting all parties, power grid operators are responsible to optimally match supply and demand in real-time, while maintaining system security and reliability.

The purpose of Committee 1 is to organize exchange between grid operators on specific topics related to the evolving structure of the network and specifically the ability to maintain a reliable foundation while at the same time developing innovative ways to operate the system in the face of a changing fuel mix and new actors.

Committee 1 works actively with other organizations, such as ISGAN, IEA, EDSO or EPRI.

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