GO15 Annual Meeting 2018 hosted by TERNA & ICER/GO15 Workshop (Milan, Italy) – October 9-11, 2018

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The GO15 2018 Annual Meeting took place in Milan on October 9-11 2018, hosted by TERNA.

The main objectives were to discuss the 2018 Activities results and define the strategic focus for 2019. Following the conclusions and decisions of the Steering Board, the Governing Board met the day after to develop preliminary work plans for 2019.

The 2018 Annual Meeting have been structured to maximize the interaction between the Member CEOs and Top Executives, as well as interaction with high level representatives of the industry major stakeholders through the participation to the World Energy Week organised in these days in Milan by the World Energy Council.

  • October 9th: Steering Board Meeting, followed by a closed meeting of the GO15 Officers and Steering Board members
  • October 10th: Two parallel Events with the Governing Board Meeting and the World Energy Week (WEW) – Energy Transition Summit (ETS)
  • October 11th: Two parallel Events with the World Energy Week (WEW) – World Energy Leaders Summit (WELS), to which our Member CEOs have been invited and the 5th Annual ICER/GO15 Workshop on Future Utility Business Models, with the participation of TSOs, DSOs and Regulators

Two Strategic Working Groups (SWGs) have been validated for 2019:

  • SWG1 – Pathways to a Low Emission Power System (lead by MISO and National Grid) : Under this strategic initiative, GO15 members have volunteered to prepare case studies of recent or ongoing work efforts that position them to be better prepared for a transition to a low emission and decentralized power system.
  • SWG2 – Resilience Models (lead by PJM and Terna) : In continuity with the work performed in 2018, the SWG2 activity for 2019 seeks to exchange in more depth the best practices and emerging strategies that System Operators are using to recover the system from high impact, low frequency events. This initiative will focus in the following areas: Operational Resilience, Cyber Resilience and Electricity Infrastructure. This work will be performed in close collaboration with Cigré.

The commnunication development was also underlined as a very important key aspect to expand the associaton’s knowledge and expetise among the organization and beyong.

Memorandum of Understanding with Cigré

During the meeting, the Presidents and Secretary Generals from the two organizations officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The main objective is to establish the formal framework through which GO15 and CIGRE shall collaborate and cooperate with the primary focus of improving the dissemination and application of state-of the-art techniques to power system development and operation.

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