WG #1: Synchrophasor Applications

Leader: ONS (Brazil)

Synchrophasor technology,  also known as Phasor Measurement Units, has been identified as having great potential to improve reliability of power grids and improve their efficiency. It can help deliver better real-time tools that enhance Power Grid Operators’ situational awareness and provide synchronized high-resolution measurements of system dynamic behavior leading to improved system models and better control and protection systems.


In order to realize this great potential, each interconnection must deploy a highly reliable, secure and robust synchrophasor data measurement and collection system, and develop a suite of highly available and trustworthy analytical applications. Additionally, organizational support processes and appropriate training must be developed and implemented to support these advanced technologies.

GO15 Involvement

Many GO15 members have started or will soon start infrastructure investments to setup their phasor data systems, however,  mature “production-grade” applications that are suitable for online (real-time) or offline time  usage and real-time control are not yet available. Many of these applications may have vastly different requirements for data rate, latency, data quality and overall WAMS performance. Additionally, each application will need to be robust and thoroughly validated.  WG #1 provides an excellent platform for sharing lessons learned among its members who are currently implementing synchrophasor technologies.

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