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Terna is the owner of the Italian electricity transmission grid and holds the government licence to transmit and manage electrical power flows (dispatching). Through its subsidiary, Terna Rete Italia, It manages the nationwide transmission of electricity, assuring safety and quality of the public service while controlling operational costs. Through Terna Plus, the Group develops non-regulated activities and new business opportunities both in Italy and abroad. With 63.900 Km of HV lines Terna is an Europe’s leading independent operator in terms of kilometres of electricity lines managed.

Company structure National transmission system operator


Asset ownership  Owns transmission assets: 63, 900 km of HV lines; 491 transformer stations; 21 foreing interconnection lines and 3 interconnection lines (with Austria, France, Montenegro) under construction


Shareholder structure Major shareholder is CDP Reti SPA (29,85%). Institutional investors (49%) and retail (21%). With over 40% of its share capital held by foreign funds, Terna is one of the most appealing Italian companies for international investors.


Listed on Terna is one of the leading publicly-traded industrial companies on the FTSE-MIB index, listed on the Italian stock exchange since 2004


Customers served -
Area covered -


Load served Every year Terna manages around 320 billion kWh worth of electricity flows (in2014 :310,5 billion kWh)


Peak load 56,883 MW (07/07/2015)


Total generation connected As for installed power, in 2013 the net efficient power generation in Italy reached 121,762 MW


Transmission lines and cables


63,900 km
Employees 3,797



Matteo Del Fante


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