COVID-19 Pandemic – GO15 expanding their exchange of best practices to keep the lights on for 3.4 billion customers around the world

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt the world as we know it, electricity continues to be an essential resource for the economy and our daily life, especially during such a global pandemic. Electric companies have therefore remained focused on ensuring security of electric supplies to customers, during such critical times.

That’s why GO15 members, being part of an association of worldwide operators of the very large power grids, have implemented plans and introduced a series of measures to maintain the continuity of the electricity supplies to customers, while ensuring the health and safety of their employees and the public.

All 17 GO15 members are in continuous contact with the relevant authorities and in full compliance with official edicts and recommendations. Our members are sharing their experiences and the extraordinary measures and solutions being implemented to ensure the reliable operation of the electricity system.

About 3.4 Billion people rely on GO15 members to keep the lights on, and we want to reassure everyone that our members are on top of things with plans in place to keep the network working throughout the coronavirus outbreak.

Our heroes are the control room operators who keep the power grid up and running on a 24×7 basis and the maintenance crews who make sure that the grid equipment continue to perform reliably.

“Keeping the power grid up and running is like flying an airplane that never lands”.

GO15 Officers 2020

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