GO15 Annual Meeting 2019 hosted by SO UPS – October 2-3, 2019

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The GO15 2019 Annual Meeting took place in St Peterburg (Russia) on October 2-3 2019, hosted by SO UPS.

The main objectives were to discuss the 2019 Activities results and define the strategic focus for 2020. Following the conclusions and decisions of the Steering Board, the Governing Board met the day after to develop preliminary work plans for 2020.

Two Strategic Working Groups (SWGs) have been validated for 2020, as a logical continuation of the work performed in 2019:

  • SWG1 – Pathways to a Low Emission Power System: Investigate more in-depth the top 3 high priority topics identified in 2019: 1) Grid Instability and System Inertia, 2) Forecasting and Variability and 3) Market Participation Models and Flexibility.
  • SWG2 – Resilience Models: Exchange best practices and emerging strategies that System Operators are using to recover the system from high impact, low frequency events. In particular, the SWG will focus on two areas: Operational Resilience and Electricity Infrastructure. This work will be performed in close collaboration with Cigré.

In parallel, some members will prepare case studies of recent or ongoing work efforts in Digitalization of Energy Sector, with a focus on Artifical Intelligence and Blockchain.

This event was also an opportunity to debate around the communication strategy and the international cooperation with the goal to position GO15 increasingly as a leading organization in the energy transition. One of the main goals will be to develop in 2020 a position paper on the Value of the Power Grid in the transition to a decarbonization of the energy and transportation sectors.

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