Leader: Elia Group (Belgium)

Each year natural disasters and complex emergencies affect millions of people around the world. Recent tragedies, such as the earthquake in Japan in March of 2011, make us even more aware of the impact of such events. During these natural or man-caused disasters electricity grids are often seriously damaged or even destroyed while the need for electricity transmission and/or distribution is more crucial than ever to provide basic relief to the population (emergency services, water, heating, etc.). Power Grid Operators play a crucial role in restoring power supply after a major power system disturbance.


During periods of scarcity, possibly caused by major system disturbances or disasters, the Power Grid Operators are in first line to organize fair distribution of available power to vital loads and consumers. In some cases, rolling blackouts have to be organized to reassure system stability. During such circumstances, professional and fair behavior of the PGOs is under scrutiny of public authorities and regulators and will strongly affect their reputation. Exchange of experiences and best practices will help PGOs to learn and permanently improve their capability to respond to exceptional situations.

GO15 Involvement

Withing the framework of the WG# 10 the GO15 members will exchange of experience and best practices on the procedures to handle exceptional operational challenges, will develop a framework for mutual assistance among the members and eventually to non-members in case of long lasting electricity supply crisis, will agree on basic crisis communication arrangements and will formalize this framework in a protocol to be signed by supporting GO15 members.

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