WG #2a: Functional Requirements for Security Applications

Leader: Terna (Italy)

Power system security is one of the major concerns facing Power Grid Operators today. Development of interconnections, integration of renewable energy sources, electric vehicles and storage solutions require implementation of additional measures to provide a sufficient level of power security, which consequently results in additional costs for consumers.


Power Grid Operators have to find a solution on how to manage the power system security at the lowest possible cost without violating the system security constraints.

GO15 Involvement

WG #2a carried out a survey assessing the impact of power system security in terms of costs for the consumers and how Power Grid Operators manage this problem. In particular, the results of the assessment pointed out that the way by which most of the Power Grid Operators manage the security of operation and act to limit security costs can be basically modeled by a scheme characterized by specific functional loops, ranging from real time control and operational planning to long-term actions such as the design of the defense plans.

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