WG #2b: Grid Expansion Costs vs. Security

Leader: ONS (Brazil)

WG #2b is a subgroup of WG #2 Enhanced Security, which in 2010 carried out  a survey assessing how much system security impacts consumers considering costs and how Power Grid Operators are involved in the process of managing the system at the lowest possible cost without violating the system security constraints. A report on the issue of reduction of the grid security constraints was presented at the 2010 Annual Meeting. As a consequence of the debate that took place at the meeting, a decision was made to analyze this topic more deeply in 2012.


The criteria to define the grid expansion taking into account the security aspects and the involved costs need to be identified.

GO15 Involvement

In 2012, the members shared current problems associated with these issues and how they are treated by each Power Grid Operator. The WG has produced a report, which analyzes current approaches and future trends in the industry associated with this issue.

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