WG #5: HVDC Application

Leader: ONS (Brazil)

Integration of HVDC links within synchronous power systems is on the rise and many new links are being planned worldwide for commissioning over the coming years. In such connections, the degree of interaction between the HVDC links and their methods of control and operation presents significant new challenges as they differ from the AC transmission system and its conventional control and operation.


HVDC “classic” is a well known technology, and HVDC VSC and CCC are also relatively mature technologies. Nevertheless, many large Power Grid Operators still have a need to acquire more experience with such technologies in terms of design studies, integration studies within the AC power system as well as in the area of control implementation from the AC system viewpoint to fulfill its design and operational security criteria also including real-time operation.

GO15 Involvement

In 2012, the WG #5 included 3 subgroups:

WG #5a: 800 KV Applications and Operation Experience

WG #5b: VSC Applications and Operation Experience

WG #5c:  Multi-terminal HVDC Applications and Operation Experience

For 2013 a need was identified by the GO15 members to continue WG#5 activities using the results previously achieved and focusing on identification of PGOs’ needs and gaps in application and operation of the HVDC schemes.

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