WG #7: Common Modeling

Leader: MISO (USA)

Storage technology not only enables converting intermittent renewable generation into firm dispatchable generation, but  it also provides potential for shifting load, reduce congestion, and frequency and VAR support. It can be used as a mechanism to increase system security and optimize the performance of the transmission network.


Renewable and low carbon power, demand response, low carbon technologies (e.g. electric vehicles, heat pumps etc.) and storage pose both opportunities and challenges from a number of different perspectives, including technology, implementation and cost/benefit. There is significant momentum worldwide to determine the position and efficacy of storage as part of the overall dynamics of a future power system, however, there is lack of a common model to understand the impact each of these variables have on existing member regions.

GO15 Involvement

The WG #7 realizes a common modeling need to document and test how the individual variables (e.g. RES, demand response, electric vehicles) drive the case for large scale storage penetration.

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