WG #8: Finance and Regulation

Leader: RTE (France)

Economic scenarios for the future confirm the growing weight of electricity and, as a consequence the central role of Power Grid Operators as an interface between generation and demand by guaranteeing the security of supply. The following challenges have been identified:

– Electricity is not yet at the disposal of all populations with the same degree of homogeneity all over the world and demand per capita is growing very quickly in emerging countries;

– In many western countries, generation mixes are or will be soon under renewal questioning the future role of the nuclear industry, with the increasing role of gas and the development of renewable in the context of energetic mix decarbonizing.  With that renewal, location of power plants changes and of course transmission network must be adapted;

– The emergence of smart electric grids, first of all around distribution networks, reinforces the role of transmission networks by inducing important IT systems adaptations for PGOs;

– In any circumstances, one fundamental criteria will have to be considered, the security of supply.


All these challenges have to be treated by PGOs keeping in mind that one of their main duties is to “act on behalf of consumers to ensure security of supply while minimizing costs and recognizing economic and societal dependence on electricity”.

GO15 Involvement

WG #8 will address a number of topics related to this issue including organization of PGOs with the aim of specifying  their efficiency in correlation with the objectives of local energy needs and policies, long-term electricity price evolution, regulation objectives, investments framework, market organization, purchasing organizations and management control, ideal optimized financial structure for facing the investments of the PGOs and other topics.

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