WG #9: Control System Architecture Standards

Leader: SGCC (China)

The “smart grid” is becoming more and more popular in the world and is covering all the sectors of the power industry including generation, transmission, distribution and consumption. The “smart grid” will involve smart control centers, smart substations, smart power plants as well as smart consumers.


In order to operate the more and more complex power network with large scale of intermittent renewable power, especially to deal with large disturbances of the power systems, the multiple ISOs/TSOs need to cooperate closely and to share real time data, the network model and the display. Thus, the next generation EMS architecture needs to be reviewed and modified to satisfy the new requirements. The new architecture could help the Power Grid Operators in building new EMS/MMS system and assist vendors in developing new EMS/MMS products. Furthermore, it could help to make some important interfaces become IEC standards.

GO15 Involvement

The goal of the WG #9 is to draft a new version of the next generation EMS architecture. The task will be performed based on the white paper  “EMS Architecture of the 21st Century” developed by GO15 in 2008. The working group will cooperate closely with IEC TC57, CIGRE D2/C2 and IEEE.

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