VLPGO Newsletter # 2 – May 2012


VLPGO Newsletter # 2 – May 2012

VLPGO held its first 2012 Governing Board meeting Very Large Power Grid Operators Association (VLPGO) held its first 2012 Governing Board meeting on April 12-13. The meeting was hosted by State Grid Corporation of China, a member of VLPGO, and took place in Shanghai, China. As part of the meeting, the participants visited the Fengxian Converter Station located in the Fengxian district of Shanghai, which serves as a receiving terminal of Xiangjiaba-Shanghai ±800KV HVDC transmission project. The Governing Board approved the progress achieved by the VLPGO’s 10 working groups. As one of the main goals for VLPGO development in 2012, the members identified a need to translate technical results achieved by the working groups into political messages aligned with VLPGO vision with the aim of making VLPGO a strong and authoritative organization in the sector.

2012 VLPGO Vice President 

As of April 2012, Hermes Chipp, CEO of ONS, assumes the role of 2012 VLPGO vice president from Luis Atienza Serna of REE . VLPGO higly appreciates the contribution made by Mr. Atienza into the VLPGO developement and extends words of gratitude to its 2011 president. 

Dr. Hermes Chipp, 2012 VLPGO Vice President

Crisis Communication Network

VLPGO members have unanimously approved establishment of the permanent Crisis Communication Network as part of the Communication Group. This decision was made in response to a strong interest from the members following the results of the Crisis Communication seminar held in Madrid by the Communication Group on September 2011.The Crisis Communication Network will be led by Elia Group and will work in close cooperation with the WG 10 “SOS PGO”, which provides a platform for exchange of experience and best practices to handle exceptional operational challenges related to technical issues. The goals of the network will include sharing the best practices in crisis communication topics, having comprehensive discussions and participating in crisis simulations

France-Spain Interconnection Inelfe, a mixed-capital corporation between RTE (Réseau de Transport d’Electricité) and REE (Red Eléctrica de España) in charge of the construction of the new electrical interconnection between France and Spain, entered a crucial stage in February 2012: the official start of tunnel digging and construction of the converter substations. This entirely underground connection between Baixas (near Perpignan France) and Santa Llogaia (near Figueras, Spain) was agreed during the French-Spanish summit held in Zaragoza on June 27, 2008. Read more

Elia to join BEL20 index  Elia, the transmission system operator in Belgium and Germany, is to be listed on the BEL20 index, pursuing its strategy and growth in Europe with the support of its shareholders and the financial markets. According to Daniel Dobbeni, CEO and Chairman of the Elia Management Committee, “our joining the BEL20 index confirms the importance of Elia’s role and mission as the owner and operator of electricity transmission systems in Belgium and Germany, while supporting and implementing  European policies onenergy and the climate”. Read more.


CSG becomes a VLPGO member China Southern Power Grid Co. (CSG)  joined VLPGO becoming its 16th member. CSG invests, constructs and operates power networks in Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou and Hainan provinces and regions. The service area is of 1 million square kilometers, with a population of 230 million. Featuring long-distance, large capacity, ultra-high voltage and hybrid operation of AC and DC, CSG is operating one of the most sophisticated and technically advanced power grids in the world.

Terna’s Board of Directors approved the 2012-2016 Strategic Plan on March 20, 2012 The Strategic Plan will focus on technology and innovation for grid safety and will have greater commitment  toward non-traditional activities. In the next 5 years approximately 4.1 billion euros will be invested into safety and modernisation of the transmission grid, 82% of which will be dedicated to the grid development. The investments in non-traditional activities will include up to a 1.9 billion euros, of which up to 1 billion for implementation of battery storage systems and up to 900 million for other projects in non-regulated activities. Read more.

SO UPS of Russia to celebrate its 10th anniversary in June 2012   Establishment of  System Operator of the United Power System in 2002 was the first practical step toward the national electricity industry reform: for the first time in its history in Russia  the function of the operational dispatching control was separated into an autonomous company. In the 10 years of its existence, SO UPS has become a direct participant and a guarantor of success in the launch of effective market mechanisms and liberalization of the electricty market in Russia.

Read more

José Folgado appointed as new chairman On March 8, the Board of Directors of Red Eléctrica de España appointed José Folgado as chairman of the company.  José Folgado replaces Luis Atienza, chairman of Red Eléctrica since July 2004. During his presidency the Company has undergone a strong growth in assets, in its investment rate, that has multiplied by four in the number of employees and in the company’s results. José Folgado has been, since 2008, a Board member of Red Eléctrica de España and a member of its Audit Committee. Mr. Folgado will replace Mr. Atienza in the VLPGO Steering Board in 2012. Read more.

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