Our Initiative

“GO15. Reliable and Sustainable Power Grids” (former Very Large Power Grid Operators Association – VLPGO) is a voluntary initiative of the world’s 18 largest Power Grid Operators (PGOs) representing together more than 70% of the world’s electricity demand, providing electricity to 3.4 billion consumers on the 6 continents and responsible for integration of 2 518 GW of generation capacity into the grid, of which 21% is from renewable energy sources.

GO15 was created in 2004 following several blackouts across the world to investigate fundamental issues of common interest to its members and to develop joint action plans addressing improvement of power system security. In 2009, GO15 became a formal organization.

Power grids and continuous development of supporting infrastructure play an essential role in promoting social welfare of world’s population. Reliable and safe supply of energy is a responsibility of PGOs. The main objective of PGOs is to ensure that needs of consumers are met by means of providing high quality and reliable power supply at minimum costs. The PGOs work constantly to plan, monitor and supervise energy supply as a continuous process 24 hours a day. The PGOs critical roles include:

  • Acting on behalf of consumers to ensure quality while minimizing costs and recognizing economic and societal dependence on electricity;

  • Providing technical leadership in planning, designing, and managing the power systems;

  • Serving as an interface among direct users of the transmission grid: generators, market participants and distributors;

  • Being interlocutors with power exchanges, regulators and governments.


To be a leader and a catalyst in the transition of the electric power industry to the power grid of the 21st century.


  • Reach international consensus on strategic issues, which are unique to the large power grids and the PGOs.

  • Develop a common vision with respect to the technologies and best practices required to address those issues.

  • Facilitate implementation of the vision through informational exchanges, joint projects and cooperation with other international organizations in the industry.


The transition to grid of the 21st century will be achieved through our 3 objectives:

  • Innovate Thinking

    An international consensus on strategic issues challenging the very large power grids and market operators

  • Technology Advancement

    A common vision with respect to the technologies and best practices required to address those issues in a framework of social and environmental responsibility of each member

  • Industry Leadership

    Through a common communication policy, the dissemination and implementation of a common vision via information exchange, collaborative projects and cooperation with other international organizations

How GO15 Works

The Strategic Working Groups (SWGs) develop findings and recommendations on strategic issues facing global grid operators, selected by the Steering Board (“What keeps CEOs awake at night?”). These SWGs explore these issues throughout the year and provide the GO15 Steering Board with high level analyzes, findings and recommendations. Each SWG is made up of a volunteer network of experts from each member company, works closely with other organizations and is coordinated by the Governing Board.

High level recommendations and related reports are presented at the GO15 Annual Meetings held at the end of the year at different locations all over the world and hosted by the GO15 members on a rotating basis. At the meetings, the members share their vision on the future development of the electricity industry related to operation of the large power grids, present individual corporate strategies to address this vision and discuss specific work topics for the association in the coming year.

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