Fedor Opadchiy presents the challenges facing the industry, underlining the role of GO15

As announced in GO15 NewsDesk #9, Fedor Opadchiy participated in the St Petersburg International Economic Forum on 2-5 June.

He explained that the global energy landscape has been changing dramatically in recent years. These unique changes underline some of the challenges the industry faces on the journey to climate security, decarbonization and digitalization. He noted that the ‘Value of the Power Grid’ White Paper prepared by the GO15 Association offered an insight into the pivotal role of large power systems in helping to mitigate further changes.

“Large power systems will continue to develop, and distributed resources should not be regarded as an alternative. On the contrary, DER and renewable progress constantly calls for enhancement of large systems, otherwise reliable power supply, quality of service, and competitive markets efficiency could not be maintained,” he said. Thus, GO15 has identified one of the top priorities of RES integration : further development of the bulk power system.