ENTSO-E vision 2050

ENTSO-E releases its vision for the 2050 European power system

ENTSO-E has published a document called “ENTSO-E Vision: A Power System for a Carbon Neutral Europe” outlining the association’s view on different scenarios for the European power system. At the heart of this analysis, the association sees electricity as the main and most efficient energy carrier for the continent for coming years.

Three key elements are to be the center of this carbon-neutral power system according to ENTSO-E:

  • carbon-neutral energy sources for the bulk of the power generation
  • resources ensuring system flexibility to complement the weather dependent generation and the increase in overall complexity
  • an efficient power-grid in a fully integrated European energy market
Interconnections and cooperations between power-grid operators and major players will have to be strongly reinforced according to ENTSO-E to arrive at a “system of systems” and ensure an efficient energy system in Europe.