GO15 meets in New Delhi at the invitation of Grid-India

GO15 members have met in New Delhi (India) on February 22-24 at the invitation of GO15 2024 President and Grid-India Chairman & Managing Director S.R. Narasimhan.

This event included governing board and steering board meetings, as well as celebratory moments to mark the 20th anniversary of GO15 inception in 2004. A high-level panel discussion on “The triple bottom line for sustainable grids: Adequacy, Reliabity & Affordability” was organized with Indian Senior Government Officials & Regulators.

Attendees also had the opportunity to discuss major challenges facing power grid operators and to discover the wonderful history and rich culture of India’s capital region.

Several technical visits & discussions have been organized:

  • Grid-India dispatching center
  • Discover the technical files here

Thanks to Grid-India teams for their warm welcome and these fruitful discussions!