Isolated Systems

Executive Summary

Electrification of the countries in the World was provided in XX century. Based on geographical features, destination of the country, points of load and generation, isolated parts of the interconnected power systems, islanded power system of part of power system with weak interconnections were established.

With the technologies development and RES integration the way of isolated power systems could be changed.

Isolated PS for the Task Force Group aims means standalone power system without any interconnections with interconnected power system. Power system areas with weak interconnections with interconnected power system which often switched in isolated mode are also investigated.

The main aim of SWG2 Task Force Group – Isolated Systems (TF Isolated Systems) is to study methods and best practice of the following topics focused on Isolated Systems:

− existing Regulations,
− operating reserves issues,
− short-term planning issues,
− RES integration and inertia issues.

With the aim to summarize GO-15 members’ experience of current and future operation features Isolated PS, TF Isolated Systems launched Survey. Questions and responses are widely discussed in chapter 3.