Hervé Laffaye is re-elected President of ENTSO-E

The new ENTSO-E leadership team was confirmed today by the association’s Assembly and will take office as of 1 July. This newly elected team is led by the President, Hervé Laffaye, International Officer in charge of International and European Affairs at RTE, the French transmission system operator; and the Chair of the Board, Joachim Vanzetta, Director System Control of Amprion GmbH, one of the four German transmission system operators.
Hervé Laffaye declared: “I am very thankful to the ENTSO-E Assembly for re-electing me as President. I look forward to continuing to deliver together with the Chair of the Board, Joachim Vanzetta, the Secretary-General, Sonya Twohig and her team, on ENTSO-E’s important mission. European TSOs, cooperating in ENTSO-E, ensure
the security of one of the largest interconnected grids in the world, the optimal functioning and development of interconnected markets, as well as the integration of renewable energy sources and of emerging technologies. I am very honoured to be leading for a new mandate the professional European association of TSOs which as independent, neutral and regulated entities, act in society’s interest.” Congratulations to Hervé for his re-election.