New regulations offer SO-UPS responsibilities for perspective planning and new functions of operation and control

A challenge to improve the process of the United Power System (UPS) of Russia long-term development planning and design in general reasoned the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation to elaborate the draft amendments to the Federal Law on Electricity Industry.

The Ministry sees the solution to the vital issues of long-term industry development in the centralized approach to perspective planning and the establishment of unified legislative basic principles and requirements for the planning and design procedures.

Regional long-term power systems’ development plans have been established by the local authorities so far. Starting from January 1st, 2023, the state-owned Russian System Operator will supervise UPS long-term competitive planning process upon the unified principles and will guarantee the centralized and transparent approach. Further worked out documents are to be approved by the federal regulator. Additional plans include the creation of 110 kV and higher grid model exchange between industry entities and engineering companies with SO UPS as the model’s principal administrator.

SO UPS as key actor of long-term development planning assumes the functions of:

  • elaborating rules and regulations;
  • working out technical solutions to balance supply and demand and to ensure proper decommissioning in cases specified by the Federal Government;
  • preparing and updating information and perspective calculation models with free-of-charge access for other parties;
  • participating in development and evaluation of innovative solutions for generation, transmission and grid management.

The centralized approach will enhance the system’s efficiency and guarantee the economic and social needs for electricity and capacity.

From January 1st, 2024, SO UPS will assume the functions of system operation and dispatching control in isolated power systems, which will enable to outspread operational best practices throughout the country.

The Ministry anticipates that the adopted package of decisions will significantly increase the validity and transparency of long-term development planning and will enable the integrity of technical policies for both UPS and isolated systems. The opportunities will amplify to address quickly and efficiently any issues concerning infrastructure development, especially when gaining ambitious national targets.