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Saudi Arabia and Egypt to launch new electrical interconnection

Saudi Arabia and Egypt will share a new electrical interconnection for a capacity of up to 3 000 Megawatts, after both countries awarded contracts to three international and local consortiums to develop this new infrastructure. The total cost of the project should amount to 1,8 billion dollars and will finance the construction of three high-voltage substations between the countries and 22km-long marine cables in the gulf of Aqaba.

This project is presented by Saudi authorities as a way to accomplish their Vision 2030 goals and is applauded by the Egyptian Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy as another testimony to the Saudi-Egyptian friendship and collaboration.

This will also facilitate an optimal use of electricity capacities between the two countries by supporting their grid each at a time thanks to their differing peak consumption times, and help them develop the stability and reliability of their electrical networks, as well as helping them grow their renewable energy mix.