Heat wave in India leads to severe power outage across the country

Since late March, India has been hit by a severe heat wave leading to increased energy demand, and provoking power outages across different regions of the subcontinent. Some of these episodes of power outage lasted for up to 8 hours at some occasions, while temperatures have reached levels unseen for more than a century.

The massive demand in energy caused by the weather conditions and improving economic conditions after the Covid pandemic has led to this situation. But, while coal represents 70% of the country’s electricity, power plants are no longer adequately supplied and cannot meet the high demand. 150 of them are currently experiencing coal shortage.

To strengthen India’s electricity and power-grid system amid strong climate and meteorological risks, state regulators and POSOCO are working towards fostering green energy in India with 43.94 GW of solar capacity already installed by July 31 2022.