California ISO releases its 2022-2026 strategic plan

The Californian power grid operator and GO15 member California ISO has updated its strategic plan for 2022-2026, aimed at providing a new roadmap for the next five years and showcasing the operator’s priorities and goals for the challenging years ahead.

This plan is based upon five strategic and tactical objectives, aimed at ensuring a safer and greener power grid and energy system in the Western US :

  • Integrating new resources 
  • Strengthening resource adequacy and meeting California’s SB 100 goals through long-term transmission planning and coordination with state agencies
  • Developing Western US market opportunities
  • Developing responsive and inclusive stakeholder engagement and customer service
  • Creating a flexible and adaptable work environment

This new strategic plan is helping the ISO get closer to its vision of operating “the world’s most reliable, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable power system” and takes into account the importance of adapting to the environment and the demand.

Congratulations to California ISO for this fascinating and thought-provoking document for all stakeholders in the power grid sector.