GO15 annual meeting took place on November 10th and allowed for the election of GO15 2023 officers

GO15 organized its 2022 annual meeting on Thursday November 10th in a digital setting, under the presidency of Stefano Donnarumma, GO15 2022 President and CEO and General Manager of Terna .

GO15 Steering Board members had the opportunity to discuss strategic topics for our association, including mainly:

  • 2022 technical activity, key findings and 2023 proposed program
    Report on communications
    Budget review
    Organization of 2023 Steering Board meetings
    Election of GO15 2023 officers
    In 2023 John Bear will become GO15 President with Stefano Donnarumma and S. R. Narasimhan as Vice Presidents

Stefano Donnarumma thanked Ahmed Al-Ebrahim for his contribution as former GO15 President and Officer, and congratulated S. R. Narasimhan, Chairman and Managing Director of Grid-India (formerly known as POSOCO), as incoming GO15 2023 Vice-President.