GO15 annual meeting in Boston

MISO hosted GO15 2023 annual meeting (18-20 October).

The three days included:

  • Governing Board and Steering Board meetings
  • Presentations by Vision Ridge Partners on “Energy Issues and Climate Change” and by McKinsey on “Emerging Futures and Global Energy Pressures”
  • Presentation at MIT of the Energy Initiative and Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research (CEEPR) and on machine-learning for power grids
  • Presentation of breakthrough low-cost multi-day energy storage by Form Energy and visit of their facility
  • Visit and overview of the Arc Fusion Reactor Technology

GO15 members had the opportunity to network and discuss global energy challenges and the future of power grids.

GO15 Steering Board thanks MISO CEO and GO15 President John Bear for his invitation, and all the support from MISO team. This was a fruitful and memorable annual meeting!