Terna signs key agreements for Italian innovation in the Silicon Valley

GO15 member and Italy’s grid operator Terna has just signed a series of important agreements in the United States meant to increase cooperation and knowledge sharing.

  • A Letter of Intent, signed by Giuseppina Di Foggia, CEO and GM at Terna, and by the Italian General Consul in California, will empower Italian startups looking to establish themselves in the Valley area.
  • Terna’s Executive Vice-President for Innovation & Market Solutions also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Italian Innovation and Culture Hub (INNOVIT), defining a three-year roadmap in order to accelerate and bolster high-potential Italian companies in Terna’s network.

These new initiatives come on the heels of additional partnerships with American institutions signed in the past three years, which serve to increase knowledge sharing and increase economic and technological ties between the two countries.