John Bear, Luiz Carlos Ciocchi and Bruno Meyer at the WFER

The 8th World Forum on Energy Regulation will take place in Lima (Peru) on August 22-25 and will focus on the challenges of the energy transition, when it comes to competitiveness and sustainability of energy markets, opportunities and achievements by key players in the field.

GO15 has been invited to this major event to offer insights and ideas on our shared global challenges:

  • John Bear, CEO of MISO and GO15 2023 President, will share his analysis during the “Rethinking Infrastructure Development for 2025” workshop on August 24th
  • Luiz Carlos Ciocchi, General Director of ONS, will take part in the plenary session on “Building the next-generation mix of energy resources” on August 24th
  • Bruno Meyer, GO15 Secretary General, will be a panelist on the discussion “Shaping the energy landscape – Building trust with stakeholders” on August 25th