Terna presents its 2024-2028 Industrial Plan

During its capital markets day on March 19th, GO15 member and Italian power grid operator Terna has presented its 2024-2028 industrial plan. The plan proposes a significant increase in investments to reach €16.5 billion over the period, the highest level ever in the Group’s history.

The concept of the Twin Transition is the foundation of Terna’s new Industrial Plan: no energy transition is achievable without an accompanying digital transition to support the necessary transformation. For this reason, Terna will invest approximately €2 billion for digitalisation and innovation.

Sustainability will also have an increasingly central role in the Industrial Plan. In fact, the Sustainability Plan has been embedded in the Industrial Plan and its activities include projects and actions confirming Terna’s commitment to delivering a Just Transition: a fair, inclusive process that takes into account the potential impacts on all stakeholders, including workers, local communities and suppliers.